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Dr. Anna Hinrichsen   Corporate Governance and Strategic Personnel Management: Women on the board and female leadership, CEO overconfidence, Layoff decisions. Capital Market Perception and Shareholder Wealth Effects


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Dr. Christian Happ KfW Bankengruppe The importance of governance and risk management in corporate finance: An empirical analysis of financing and interest rate risks
Dr. Florian Kiesel   The effect of credit and rating events on credit default swap and equity markets
Dr. Holger Nicklas   The influence of CEO and regional characteristics on risk-taking and earnings management in saving banks
Dr. Frank Pieper  Finanzwirtschaftliche Erfolgsanalyse deutscher Stadtwerke


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Dr. Ulrich Erxleben   Value Creation of Corporate Restructuring: A Market Cycle and Industry View
Dr. Dennis Froneberg   Bank Governance Structures and Risk Taking
Dr. Sascha Kolaric   Bank mergers and aquisitions in the Asia-Pacific region: An investigation of the shareholder wealth effects of the financial sector consolidation and its impact on the acquirer's cost of debt.
Dr. Daniel Maul   Analyzing Wealth Efects for Bondholders: New Insight on Major Corporate Events from the Debtholders' Perspective
Dr. Claudia Max   Valuation and Value Creation of Insurance Intermediaries
Dr. Thomas Pöppe   Information Asymmetry and Information Dissemination in High-Frequency Capital Markets
Dr. Heiko Schön   Pharma M&A versus alliances and its underlying value drivers. Ar M&A or alliances the right therapy for an ailing pharmaceutical industry? A capital market perspective


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Dr. Christian Babl Continental AG E-mobility and related clean technologies from an empirical corporate finance perspective: State of economic research, sourcing risks, and capital market perception


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Dr. Robert Fraunhoffer   Mergers and Acquisitions in the Energy Sector: The Impact of Synergy Disclosures on Shareholder Wealth and Operating Performance
Dr. Christian Thamm Cushman & Wakefield LLP Minority Shareholder Monitoring and German Corporate Governance – Empirical Evidence and Value Effects
Dr. Julian Trillig Autania AG Economic Sustainable Development and Capital Market Perception


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Dr. Christoph Böhm   Risk-Adjusted Performance and Bank Governance Structures
Dr. Anit Deb Deutsche Bank Performance of Structured Finance: Capital Market Perception of Structured Finance in the Financial Crisis
Dr. Christoph Ettenhuber Continental AG Financing Corporate Growth in the Renewable Energy Industry
Dr. Ramit Mehta Dharma Life Mergers and Aquisition in the Global Brewing Industry – A Capital Market Perspective
Dr. Steffen Meinshausen Cerberus Deutschland M&A Activity, Divestitures and Initial Public Offerings in the Fashion Industry
Dr. Mehtap Ölger   Capital Market Integration and Single Market Reactions to Corporate and Macroeconomic News
Dr. Malte Raudszus Home24 Financial Return Risk and the Effect on Shareholder Wealth


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Dr. Achim Himmelmann HSBC Trinkhaus & Burkhardt AG Innovation Economics: Capital Market Preception of Corporate Innovation Activities
Dr. Luisa Müller   Mergers and Acquisitions in the International Financial Services Industry – Impacts on Shareholder Wealth Creation & Operating Performance from three different Perspectives
Dr. Markus Unkels   Der Einfluss der Heterogenität auf die Performance von existierenden und simulierten Teams – Untersuchungen unter Berücksichtigung der Teamgröße, der Aufgabenkomplexität und der Aufgabeninterdependenzen