Examination dates

Examination of the Chair of Corporate Finance


The registration for an exam is only possible if you are registered in the referring modul. For the modul you can only register in semester in which the course is read.

At the department of Business Administration, Economics and Law the registration for the exams in Tucan starts at 15th of June (SoSe) and 15th of November (WiSe) and lasts until one week before the examination date. The registration times differ in every department.

Winter 2018/19

In colum Information you will find
- the seatingplan one week before the exam
- the date of consultation, after the correction is finished
- further information

For further questions please contact the adviser of the course.

written exams for Bachelor or “not WI-Students”

Einführung in die BWL
Module 01-10-1028/f, 01-10-0000-vl, 01-10-U01
Di. 16.07.19 18:00 90 Min. Die Klausureinsicht zur Klausur aus dem Sommersemester findet voraussichtlich in der 41. KW statt.
Bilanzierung und Finanzierung
Modul 01-14-5101 Kombiprüfung
Mi. 14.08.19 14:00 120 Min. Saaleinteilung
Investition und Finanzierung
Modul 01-16-1108 Einzelprüfung
Mi. 14.08.19 16:00 90 Min. Saaleinteilung
Energy Finance
für ESE Modul 01-16-2M02
für Incomer Modul 01-16-1G01
Mi. 25.09.19 09:00 45 Min.
in englisch

Exams for Mastervertiefung

schriftliche Prüfung /
written exam
Fundamental of Finance I
Modul 01-16-0M04/6
Mo. 23.09.19 9:30
90 Min.  
Fundamental of Finance II
Modul 01-16-0M02/6
Do, 01.08.19 9:30 90 Min. Sitzplan
Advanced Topics of Finance
Modul 01-16-0M05/6
Mi, 25.09.19 9:00
90 Min.  
Corporate and Entrepreneurial Finance
Modul 01-27-2M02/6
Do. 01.08.19 9:30 Teilprüfung
CoFi III 45 Min.
Sitzplan CoFi III
Teilprüfung Entrepreneurial Finance siehe FG Prof. Bock

Please note:

  • The registration in Tucan is mandatory for the exam
  • With Kombi-Modulen all exams have to be done in one semester.
  • With Auslandsanerkennungen the certificate has to be before the exam at the secretarys office