Investment and Finance (Investition und Finanzierung)

Investment and Finance (Investition und Finanzierung)


Course offering details

Regular cycle Course is every Winter semester
Instructors Prof. Dr. Dirk Schiereck, Dr. Demir Bektic
Supervisor David Häfner
Examination Written (Examination Dates)


Information Additional to the course we offer a tutorial.
Time in Summer 2019 Monday 9:50 a.m. to 11:30 a.m.
Room S1|03 175
Tutor David Häfner
Eduard Gaar
Materials moodle

Course offering details

Financial decision-making by corporations faces two broad financial questions: What investments should the firm make? And how should it pay for those investments? The focus of the first question involves spending money; the second involves raising it.



Learning Outcomes

After the courses the students are able to

  • understand financial decision-making processes by individuals.
  • apply simple tools for rational financial decision-making.


  • Schmidt, R.H., Terberger, E.: Grundzüge der Investitions- und Finanzierungstheorie
  • Brealey, R.A. et al.: Principles of Corporate Finance


The course will be supported by moodle . Here you will find all materials you will need for course.