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Dr. Sascha Kolaric's primary research interest is in the area of corporate finance and empirical finance with a special focus on mergers and acquisitions as well as international alliances, in particular among financial institutions. Investigation of the short- as well as long-term stock price and CDS spread performance of the involved institutions and the drivers of the observed return patterns. In addition, a special emphasis is put on identifying the factors that contribute to the overall success of such transactions. Additionally, he also analyzes the effects of credit rating announcements on the CDS spread changes of the affected firms.

Furthermore, Dr. Sascha Kolaric conducts research at the intersection of law and finance, where he investigates the influence of class action lawsuits and similar litigation related events on stock prices. The focus is on the short-term as well as mid-to long-term effects litigation can have on firm value and the determinants of the observed stock price reaction.

Ausgewählte Working Paper

Flore, C., Degryse, H., Kolaric. S., Schiereck. D.
Forgive Me All My Sins: How Penalties Imposed on Banks Travel Through Markets
verfügbar auf SSRN

Kolaric, S., Kiesel, F., Ongena, S.
Market Discipline through Credit Ratings and Too-Big-To-Fail in Banking
verfügbar auf SSRN

Kiesel, F., Kolaric. S., Schiereck. D.
Revaluating firm credit risk -- The impact of the rating review process on credit markets
verfügbar auf SSRN

Kolaric. S., Schiereck. D.
Bidders, Rivals, and Wealth Creation of the Banking Market Consolidation in the Asia-Pacific Region
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Catch Me If You Can - Referee–Team Relationships and Disciplinary Cautions in Football.
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Fußball und Anlegerverhalten im internationalen Vergleich: Evidenz von 12 Kontinentalmeisterschaften.
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Shareholder Wealth Effects of Bank Mergers and Acquisitions in Latin America.
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Abele, Eberhard ; Hohenstein, Julien ; Kolaric, S. (2010):
Fliehkraftadäquate Auslegung von Fräswerkzeugen.
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